November 10, 2020

Video: All About Palatability

People expend a great deal of effort making food taste good.  Is it any wonder that our pets respond to food flavors as well?  Not only do we want pets to enjoy mealtime, we want to ensure they’re getting proper nutrition to support a vibrant, healthy life. Our recent video All About Palatability discusses how […]

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January 23, 2018

AFB Educates the Next Generation of Veterinarians on the Importance of Palatability

Author: John Vergeer

​Pet food nutrition and pet food palatability might seem unrelated, but they indeed are strictly connected. Even veterinarians – especially those early in their careers – might well be nutrition experts, but their palatability knowledge can be rather limited. That’s why AFB International was happy to accept an invitation to hold a half-day seminar on this subject to advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Teramo, Italy.

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January 13, 2016


​Protein sources for pet food palatants continue to evolve with the pet food industry. Get more details from AFB’s Debra Williams.

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