November 13, 2017

AFB Netherlands Facility Receives Distinguished Guests

Author: John Vergeer

​It isn’t every day that companies are honored with the presence of ambassadors and delegates, but that was the distinguishing case for our Netherlands facility. They recently received a delegation from the US Embassy, including the highest representative of the US government in the Netherlands, Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Shawn Crowley. John Vergeer, the general manager of AFB Europe, provides highlights of the visit in this blog post.

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October 30, 2017

Electronic Nose and Tongue Technology: Diverse Applications in Palatability Research & Testing

Author: Punyatoya Mohapatra

​Electronic nose and tongue technology (ENT) has applications across the product development and distribution pipeline. Analytical Chemistry Manager Punyatoya Mohapatra shares how AFB uses ENT as part of a holistic, data-driven research approach that provides our customers with more insightful answers to a multitude of palatability questions related to product development and product performance.

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