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Mackenzie Deeker

Animal Health Supervisor

Mackenzie is a registered veterinary technician and registered assistant laboratory technician. Her love of animals brought her to AFB International as an animal health technician when AFB launched its Palatability Assessment Resource Center (PARC) near St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Since 2014, Mackenzie has been animal health supervisor for the center, including overseeing the animal technician staff, daily animal health and veterinary care needs and more. Mackenzie says her favorite part of the job is still her individual time with the animals. “Our hands-on approach to animal care is fun both for our people and our animals,” Mackenzie says, noting, “the one-on-one time helps us learn more about each animal.”

At home, Mackenzie and husband Matthew are parents to two young children, Waylon and Finley, as well as pitbull mix Harlow and cats Steam and Ferb. Mackenzie enjoys fishing, boating, gardening and live music. She also has a budding interest in aquaculture and would one day like to have a frog farm.