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Dr. Amy Wolff

DVM – PARC Veterinarian

Amy Wolff has been providing veterinary care to animals at AFB International’s Palatability Assessment Resource Center (PARC) for seven years. She enjoys spending time with the animal residents at PARC and helping to support each animal’s health and care.

Amy is a 1990 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. Her clinical interests include trauma, geriatric medicine and end of life care. Her primary goal is to see the bond between pet and owner flourish through preventative medicine including weight management, exercise, oral health care and psychological enrichment.

When Amy is not working, she is an avid gardener and glass blower, and enjoys spending time with her dog Willow, who came from PARC. Understanding the strong connection between pets and their owners, Amy makes memorial jewelry and other remembrance tokens for people who have lost their pets.