January 17, 2019


By: Andy Zenor

As the newly appointed Senior Director of North America Sales, I am excited for this opportunity to introduce myself and look forward to working with many of our customers in the year ahead – learning more about their goals and how AFB can best support them.

Since joining the company a little over a year ago, I have been very impressed with AFB’s customer focus, deep industry and technical knowledge, and ability to act nimbly to help solve problems for customers. As a veteran of the pet food industry, I firmly believe AFB does this better than anyone else, and it is my mission to continue this great tradition, as well as evolve and enhance our customer partnerships and benefits.  

Developing Resources and Strategic Partnerships

In my previous role at AFB, I was the Global Procurement Director and where I focused on finding the right strategic partnerships to provide long-term benefit to both parties. I plan to bring this same focus to my new role.  I am looking to develop key relationships and to augment resources that best aid our customers.

Helping Customers Respond to Industry Changes

The pet food industry is growing and dynamic. As the landscape continues to advance, many pet food companies are looking to differentiate their offerings and provide more premium products. This results in higher needs from suppliers, and this is the aspect of my role that I am most excited for – helping customers meet increasing marketplace demands.

Our team provides an “all hands on deck” approach to assisting customers with their growing needs, taking time to listen to their challenges and working together on impactful solutions. This approach is rooted in AFB’s founding as a small, customer-focused company, and I encourage you to engage our team with any questions, needs or concerns you’re facing.

I’d Enjoy Hearing From You

Customers or industry professionals looking to learn more about AFB’s products and offerings can contact me at azenor@afbinternational.com. Additionally, you can reach a member of our customer service team at 1-800-218-5607.

I look forward to meeting many of you this year and wish you a successful 2019.