December 14, 2018


By: Susan Jojola

As a pet food palatability company, we often hear small dog owners describe their pets as “finicky” or “picky” eaters. This type of commentary led AFB International to further explore what common feeding personalities dogs may have, and their implications for pet food manufacturers.

AFB’s recent research on dog feeding personalities can be found in the December issue of Petfood Industry Magazine, entitled Are Small Dogs Inherently “Finicky Eaters?” The featured white paper outlines results from both a global feeding behavior survey of pet owners and dog panel trials that were conducted at AFB’s Palatability Assessment Resource Center (PARC).

“The research found small dogs have a lower food focus, which could be perceived as lesser food enjoyment or being more finicky by dog owners,” said Jill Villarreal, Ph.D., Biology, Behavior and Neuroscience. “Pet food manufacturers have an opportunity to overcome small dogs’ distraction tendencies through an increased focus on palatability, potentially increasing their food focus and pet owners’ perceptions of meal enjoyment.”

AFB’s PARC small dog panel is available to support customers with their small dog food trials. To learn more about AFB’s dog feeding personalities research or PARC small dog panel, contact Susan Jojola at

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