October 14, 2018


By: Robyn Allyn

At AFB International, our end goal is the same as our customers’ – to provide safe, nutritious food that pets enjoy. Taking a proactive approach to food safety and quality has always been our top priority. Our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program has been part of our food safety program for many years, helping us identify and mitigate food safety risks. Additionally, AFB’s sampling plan, positive release program and frequent internal compliance audits help ensure we are meeting strict food safety standards in all of our manufacturing facilities and providing high-quality and safe products to our customers. 

When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law, it marked the first major reform in food safety regulation in the United States in over 70 years, shifting focus from reacting to food contamination after it occurred to preventing it from occurring. With FSMA, AFB has further re-evaluated our food safety and quality programs to identify any potential food safety risks and provide our customers with the highest quality assurance possible. This assessment resulted in enhancements to our HACCP Food Safety Plan, as well as our extensive supplier approval program, which helps to ensure our raw materials and ingredients come from sources that meet both AFB’s strict standards and FSMA requirements. 

As AFB employees, we are always looking out for our customers, keeping abreast of what is happening or what might happen in the market, and anticipating what the next concern might be. We also partner with our customers; listening to their needs and working together on solutions to ensure food safety guidelines and requirements are met. 

For example, as we are approving suppliers, one of the things AFB likes to see our suppliers have is a third-party certification. Third-party certifications, especially those certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) umbrella, are becoming increasingly important for our suppliers to hold, as they provide an added level of security that the supplier has the appropriate food safety and quality programs in place. AFB’s third-party certifications also demonstrate to our customers our commitment to, and compliance with, pet food regulations and standards. 

As pet food continues to parallel trends in human foods – such as non-GMO, all natural and gluten-free, we anticipate an increase in pet food safety regulations. In the meantime, AFB’s Quality Assurance team is dedicated to continually evaluating our programs and processes to help our customers ensure quality and food safety for pets and pet owners. 

To learn more about AFB International’s Quality Assurance team or FSMA requirements for pet food, contact Robyn Allyn at rallyn@afbinternational.com.