September 18, 2018


By: Kris Figge

AFB International’s recent research analyzing the effect kibble size has on canine palatability can be found in the September issue of Petfood Industry Magazine. Featured in a white paper titled, ‘Small Dog. Big Kibble,’ the research revealed surprising kibble size discoveries and found that small, mid-size and large dogs all preferred large-size kibble to small-size kibble.

Kristopher Figge, AFB’s Senior Technical Sales and Service Manager who conceptualized and led the research, has recently presented the research’s findings at August’s Petfood Forum China and the 2018 Petfood Forum in Kansas City.

“There has been a lot of interest in the research’s findings from customers, vendors and others in the industry, and is an example of AFB’s leadership in pet food palatability science,” said Figge. “The research’s data could lead to further discoveries in dog food palatability and performance, contributing to product enhancements and innovations for dog food brands.”

To learn more about AFB’s Kibble Size and Palatability research, contact Kristopher Figge at

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