October 30, 2017

Electronic Nose and Tongue Technology: Diverse Applications in Palatability Research & Testing

By: Punyatoya Mohapatra

AFB has invested in cutting edge analytical technologies to assist with palatability evaluation. We posted two articles about Electronic Nose and Electronic Tongue (ENT) technology in 2013, and we have expanded the possible applications for our customers over the last four years. We have used this technique to understand the differences in our palatant makeup to provide performance to our customers, an example was our ISOEN blog posted in 2015.Today, we leverage ENT as part of a holistic, data-driven research approach that provides our customers with more insightful answers to a multitude of palatability questions related to product development and product stability.

Product Development

While two-bowl testing is still the primary way to determine palatability preference, we use ENT to identify why the pet preferred one bowl over the other. Did it taste different?  Did it smell different? Is there a particular ingredient creating an unpleasant off-note? Is there a volatile compound causing issues with palatability? ENT illuminates aroma and taste profile interactions that positively or negatively correlate to pet selection behavior. Now, our scientists systemically make formulation decisions leveraging years of data collected from ENT to accelerate time-to-market for our customers, as well as recreate specific flavor profiles that our customers desire.

Product Stability

ENT helps our customers answer stability concerns during shelf life studies by seeing changes in taste or smell over-time as compared to recently manufactured product or against a competitive benchmark. In addition, production consistency is critical to ensure a repeatable product response in pets.

Using ENT, we work closely with our customers to identify lot-to-lot and/or plant-to-plant variability that affects the final product consistency or performance differences.

Learn More

ENT technology has applications across the development and distribution pipeline. In combination with traditional tools and methods, we can provide our customers with a more complete analysis and the most informed recommendations for their products. For more details on the possibilities of ENT, please email me at pmohapatra@afbinternational.com.


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