March 14, 2017


By: Dale Spence

I grew up on a farm in mid-Missouri, so joining AFB as vice president of marketing at its St. Charles, Missouri, USA, headquarters has been a homecoming for me. I’m enjoying being back in my native state—and even more excited to travel to industry events, customer locations and AFB facilities around the world to get to know you, our customers, and learn how I can support your goals.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll contact me at if you have a question or an idea about how AFB can be of service. Literally and figuratively, my door is always open.


One of the things I’m especially excited about is AFB’s learning culture. Our teams never stop asking, “What can we do better to assist our customers?” I admire that and plan to be in the thick of finding those answers.

I’m also inspired by AFB’s commitment to going the extra mile. We specialize in pet food palatants, but deliver so much more to our customers. Our experts are always ready to help—troubleshooting pet food production issues, assisting with regulatory registrations, supporting logistics needs, sharing groundbreaking research—whatever it takes to support our customers’ success.


In my role, I oversee all of AFB’s marketing, including segmenting our palatant offerings to align with how our customers—and their customers—look at pet food. I also help guide and implement AFB’s strategic vision, collaborating to answer questions like, “What trends and technologies are changing the pet food landscape?” and “Where are our customers investing and how can we be prepared to have the right palatability solutions available when they’re ready?”

AFB’s size enables us to innovate quickly and leverage processes used by larger companies to see immediate positive impact. I’m actively assisting in identifying and implementing these processes to enhance our transparent, problem-solving culture with an even more robust data-driven approach—all of which will translate into customer improvements in quality, consistency and delivery.


Please reach me at or connect with me though your local AFB representative. And If you see me at an industry event, please come up and say hello!


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