July 20, 2016



At AFB International, safety is the most important thing we manage every day. To protect our employees and our customers—both the four-legged variety and the pet food companies who take care of their nutrition needs—we hold ourselves to the highest safety standards in the industry. 

Our Safety Goal

At the most basic level, AFB’s goal is for every employee to go home the same or better than they were when they came to work. To achieve this goal, we have made significant investments in safety systems, including capital improvements, personal protective equipment and training in our plants, laboratories, animal facilities and offices. We have brought in outside experts in ergonomics and safety management to assess our programs and ensure we are employing state-of-the-art systems and best-in-class safety practices.

We use Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards to track our results globally. In the past five years, AFB has significantly reduced injury rates to well below the industry average. Each of our facilities has been laser-focused on improving its individual safety record. We’re proud to say multiple AFB locations have a one-year safe record—and our facility in Oss, the Netherlands, has gone nearly 1,000 days without an injury

Always Top of Mind

But our work is never complete. Even with a perfect record, an accident or injury can happen in an instant if we become haphazard about our safety programs. To ensure safety remains top of mind:

  • Safety is the first item reported every day in our team huddles. Even our corporate board meetings start with a safety report so our directors are equally aware of our activity.
  • We have weekly safety talks, monthly behavior-based safety audits and monthly fun safety activities.
  • We repair “near miss” issues so they don’t later become an injury.
  • In the unfortunate situation in which an employee is injured, we first get the employee the best care possible. Then we conduct an extensive root cause analysis and follow the associated recommendations to make sure it never happens again.

As an AFB employee myself, it’s gratifying to see my colleagues take care of each other every day. They even point out to me when I’m doing something that could result in a personal injury!

Learn More

So, if you’re a visitor to any of our facilities, know that we will do everything possible to ensure you, too, leave the same or better than you were before your visit—because, at AFB, safety is job one. For more information on AFB’s safety programs, please contact Stephanie Hackman at shackman@afbinternational.com


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