May 2, 2016

Connecting Across the Globe

The customer-facing pet food industry events we participate in every year are an important part of who AFB is as a company. We’ve just returned from two exciting back-to-back events: Expo Pet Food in Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil (April 13 and 14) and our premier North American show, Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Mo., USA (April 19 and 20).


The Brasil pet food market is growing and AFB wants to be at the center of that growth, helping our customers with their palatability needs every step of the way. What better way for us to do that than to expand our role at Expo Pet Food Brasil 2016. This year, that meant not only attending the show, but also having a major presence on the show floor and at the 15th Congress of the Colegio Brasileiro de Nutricao Animal (CBNA) conference taking place at the same time and venue.

Our spacious booth provided an opportunity for customers and colleagues to discuss business and pet food industry trends with us, as well as relax and rejuvenate. The CBNA featured a presentation by AFB technical sales manager Kris Figge on “Powder and liquid application after extrusion: risks and benefits in nutrition, processing and cost.” Kris received excellent feedback from conference attendees, including scholars from universities in Latin America, experts in the industry and many others on how the process works and specific hurdles companies may come across in the process. If you’d like more information on Kris’s presentation, connect with him at

And if you didn’t get a chance to meet with our business leads while at Expo Pet Food Brasil, please contact AFB’s country director for Brasil, Marcelo Beraldo Da Costa at


After a successful Expo Pet Food Brasil, we were off to Kansas City for our biggest show in North America, Petfood Forum 2016. Every year at the forum, we try to outdo ourselves—and this year was no exception.

In our enhanced booth our team connected with many colleagues and customers old and new to catch up and have a cup of coffee. We also challenged visitors with our Play for Pets game for charity called “Bet Your Senses,” an opportunity to experience our palatants and understand what they’re made of by identifying aromas. The Lawrence (Kansas) Humane Society will receive from AFB $5 for each of the 46 participants who took the challenge—that’s $230 total!

Our AFB behavioral research scientist Susan Jojola was a featured session presenter, sharing research on “Does flavor variety stimulate food intake in kittens?” that stimulated thought-provoking discussion. Susan will share more insights from her research in a blog coming soon, so stay tuned.

And AFB Analytical chemistry manager Punyatoya Mohapatra received a warm response to her “Ensuring coating consistency of petfood: challenges and approaches” at the Petfood Forum poster reception. She fielded questions from, “Which coating method is the best and why?” to “What would a customer need to supply for you to perform a coating consistency test?” Watch for more on the ins and outs of coating consistency from Punya in a future blog.




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