Topic: PARC

September 26, 2013

Do cats experience flavor fatigue?

Author: Nancy Rawson

​When we eat the same thing—even something we find really tasty—day after day, we’re likely to tire of it. That tends to make us think other species will react the same way. And for some, like other primates and even rodents, research shows that’s true.

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September 26, 2013

Pets can’t talk, but they can vote

Author: Amy McCarthy

​Our companion animals can’t voice their opinions about the food we feed them—at least not in words. But they can vote their preference in other ways. At AFB International’s Palatability Assessment Resource Center (PARC) west of St. Louis, Mo., we’ve honed the science of understanding dog and cat flavor preferences through their food consumption.

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October 12, 2015


Author: Stacey Schlanker

​At AFB, pet panelists share food preferences to help us and our customers make important choices. Learn how we know their “votes” are valid.

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