April 6, 2015


Author: Marcelo Beraldo da Costa

Brasil is the fastest-growing pet food market in the world. As a result, it commands great interest from international pet food producers and suppliers. That interest was evident March 25-26, 2015, when more than 1,000 representatives of the global pet industry converged in sunny Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (315 km northwest of the capital city of São Paulo), for the XIV Congress of the Colégio Brasileiro de Nutrição Animal (CBNA) and the adjacent 5th annual Expo Pet Food 2015.

The Event Center Pereira Alvim was host to this contingent, which came together to share and learn—and celebrate the growing Brasilian pet food market. The exposition included suppliers of raw materials for feed, packaging, materials and equipment. The congress featured respected experts speaking on pet nutrition, pet food processing and pet-related market trends.

Fueling Brasil’s hot pet food market is its highest percentage of dog ownership of any country in the world. It is also the third largest pet care market in the world. Despite concerns that the market would suffer during our recent economic challenges, the market has remained strong.

The AFB Connection
Brasilian pet food companies have many good suppliers from which to choose. As a global supplier of pet food palatants, AFB has a substantial footprint in South America, including a new plant in Argentina that opened in 2014 and a presence in Brasil since 2003. To provide even better products, service and quality, AFB is opening a new pet food palatant plant in Jaguariúna, located in the state of São Paulo. The plant has started operations and will begin supplying products to customers in mid-2015.

While our new plant expands our pet food palatant product offerings in Brasil, some things will not change. Service and trust remain important for AFB Brasil. The point is, when a customer receives a pet food flavor at its plant, that customer cannot easily test it to see if it performs as expected. They can measure protein, fat and ash, but that does not indicate performance. The customer has to trust its palatant supplier to send what is expected, and AFB is dedicated to earning and deserving that trust.

Also, if there is a question or difficulty, AFB is committed to being there right away with a quick and honest answer or solution. Our goal at AFB Brasil is to maintain trust and always keep the door open.

A Look Ahead
AFB colleagues joining me in attending the CBNA congress and expo this year were Latin America technical service manager Cesar Fernandez Garrasino and marketing director Brooke Eiler. In 2016, AFB will play an expanded role in the event to be held April 13-14 in Campinas, São Paulo, a short distance from AFB Brasil. We will welcome visitors to meet with us at our booth, learn from our technical experts and tour our factory.

However, we will be happy to receive visitors at our new AFB Brasil plant before that time. To schedule a tour, contact me at mberaldo@afbinternational.com.br. We look forward to introducing you to the new and improved AFB Brasil!


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