June 26, 2014


Author: Cesar Fernandez Garrasino, MV

Argentina is commonly associated with football, tango and asado—a traditional barbecue born out of the Argentine gaucho tradition. Today, Argentina also is known for a thriving pet care market that grew more than 170% in sales volume over the past decade.

The growth in demand for pet products is driven by an increasing number of people—especially those living alone or “empty-nesters”—who seek pets as companions. These beloved dogs and cats hold a prominent place in the household. Many pets can be seen traveling about with their people.

Ongoing Growth
Despite persistent economic difficulties, from 2010 to 2012 the volume of dog and cat food grew by about 8% per year, according to trend-tacking service Euromonitor International. And while growth from 2012 to 2013 was flat, annual dog and cat population growth continued at 2% to 3%, creating future demand for pet food and other pet products.

Despite price controls that give advantages to historically popular brands, super-premium foods are growing in sales more quickly in Argentina than in other Latin American countries. Perhaps this is because Argentines, who have been purchasing prepared pet foods for nearly 40 years, are highly educated consumers. According to Euromonitor, 2012 saw a marked increase in the country’s pets receiving regular veterinary care, which also stimulates demand for specialized pet food products.

AFB’s Argentine Expansion
To support Argentina’s strong pet food market, local and global pet food companies are expanding their in-country production. AFB International, which has been active in Argentina since 2007, has increased its ability to support regional and international customers of all sizes with a latest-generation plant that officially began production in June 2014. 

Located about 70 kilometers from Buenos Aires, AFB Argentina produces liquid, dry and specialty palatants—including BSE-free beef-based products—for all kinds of dog and cat food products. This new Argentine plant further expands AFB’s global production footprint to offer customers an even broader selection of high-quality pet food palatability solutions.

In addition to the latest product offerings, AFB Argentina features our stringent global standards in food safety and quality management built right into the facility. The plant also is environmentally friendly, designed to conserve water, control odor emissions and efficiently manage waste.

Learn More
We’re looking forward to sharing our new AFB plant in Argentina with customers old and new. For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility, contact me at cgarrasino@afbinternational.com.br or call +54 11 4894 8572.

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