February 26, 2015


By: Jackie Levin

Pet food companies today have excellent options for their palatability needs. So, as AFB International’s president and CEO, I’m often asked: “Why AFB?” While I know I’m partial, it’s clear every day that AFB employees are truly passionate about our customers—both the four-legged variety and the pet food companies who take care of their nutrition needs. And that passion shows in everything we do.

More Than Purely Palatability

At the most basic level, AFB is about palatability performance—and our palatants deliver! But performance is only part of the story. With AFB you also get people who deliver outstanding science and technology support, product and process development, and the industry’s best customer service. Our goal is to better understand our customers’ needs and tailor solutions to meet those needs. 

To support this goal, AFB has made significant investments in people and facilities over the last five years and we look forward to more in the future. We’ve also expanded internationally to better service our global customers; along the way we’ve diversified our knowledge—about unique raw materials and cultural differences that impact pets around the world—and have used this knowledge to develop even better palatability solutions.


Our Commitment

Although AFB employees come from many different places around the globe (16 and counting), we all have the same commitment to safety, quality, delivery and value for the customer. But safety is No. 1. We want employees to go home each day better than they came to work. And we take very seriously the tremendous obligation to the end consumers and their owners to provide safe and wholesome ingredients.  

Our customers have come to depend on AFB’s people to deliver quality. That’s why we always strive for excellence in everything we do. AFB has a robust continuous improvement program. In fact, we like to say: “Improving the work is the work.” If there’s a higher standard of quality we can deliver to our customers, we’ll find it…and attain it.


Find Out For Yourself
As an AFB employee myself, it is a privilege to work with such a talented, committed group of people.  Watching this team grow and develop while delivering on AFB’s commitment to the customer of palatability performance with the highest safety, quality, delivery and value is absolutely the best part of my job!

To our customers old and new, we invite you to get to know us better by exploring the cutting-edge science and results we are advancing at the global facilities in which we work. Check out our new and improved website at afbinternational.com or contact us today to learn more or schedule a visit!


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